Introducing Ethosware

We are proud to be launching the brand Ethosware to the people of North America. This emerging new brand offers “sensible solutions to everyday tasks”. The sensibleĀ approach is not to waste good money by assuming that the most expensive purchase will be the best solution. Ethosware products are carefully chosen to be the most ‘cost effective solutions’ to every day tasks or operations.

Sensible Solutions to Everyday Tasks

Sensible Solutions to Everyday Tasks

Emerging New Brand

The first product from this emerging brand is ‘The Berg’. This simple but effective Ice Ball or Sphere Maker produces good quality Ice Spheres that are comparible to those produced by specialised machines that cost many hundreds of dollars to purchase. So when you see Ethosware, you know you are looking at products that are proven to be cost effective and very practicable.

Take this link for purchase of a ‘Berg’.

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