The Berg

Ethosware introduces the ‘Berg’

Ever wondered why normal small ice cubes melt so quickly and dilute your drink at an equally fast rate ? The answer is due to a simple scientific principle. “The larger an object, the smaller its surface area to volume ratio.”

The Benefit of Science to a Good Drink

This means if you have a larger sized ice cube, the less surface area that will be exposed to the melting effects of water or air. A sphere is the most optimum shape for exposing the least amount of surface area and that is the sound reasoning behind putting a ‘Berg’ in your drink. A reduced rate of melting means a longer time enjoying the pleasure of your favourite drink.

Buy Your ‘Berg’ on Amazon

The Berg Ice Ball Maker is available for purchase only on Amazon. To invest in a ‘Berg’ take the link provided below:



Has your drink been ‘Berged’ yet ?


Note interlocking rims to minimise sphere imperfections.